Desert Blast is an annual “outlaw” pyrotechnic event typically held in the Spring or Fall.

Started in 1986 by Bob Lazar, it is now composed of hundreds of professional and amateur pyrotechnicians, people involved in motion picture special effects, pilots, engineers, scientists, and people from just about every other technical profession you can think of. What brings them all together? Their interest in fireworks, technology and having a good time… in short, Desert Blast.

Articles about Desert Blast have been written in a variety of magazines including Popular Science, Wired, Cigar Aficionado and The Edge. . The event has also been shown on TLC (The Learning Channel), TDC (The Discovery Channel) and recorded for broadcast on HDTV.

For the past 17 years, Desert Blast was held at one of the many dry lake beds just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2003, Desert Blast was held in New Mexico. In 2020, we have a new location.

Events include professional and amateur firework displays, full-scale rocket and jet engine tests, special effects demos, machine gun demonstrations, high power/altitude rocket launches, air shows (including fighters, bombers and helicopters firing live ammo), motorcycle & go-kart riding, tests of strange & unusual home built machines like jet packs, rocket cars, million volt Tesla Coils, etc., etc.

Desert Blast is produced by United Nuclear Scientific Supplies of Klamath Falls, OR. Funding is provided by purchases from the UnitedNuclear.com web site, contributions from individuals and organizations, and attendees fees.

Desert Blast is an INVITATION-ONLY event and the exact date and location of DB is kept secret until a few weeks prior to the event to avoid a deluge of spectators. Interested parties may fill out the application form and submit it for approval.

Who DO we like to invite?
People with technical knowledge, people into pyrotechnics, mad scientists, etc… But most important of all… people with something to contribute.

We do not allow spectators at DB!
Everyone must add something to the event… it can be anything from a pile of fireworks to shoot off, to jet fighter for the air show, but you’ve got to bring something and get involved to be invited.

If you haven’t been invited, and you think you should be, use the form below to start the application process.